Fitness Trends in San Diego

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Many locals are proud of the obvious fitness vibe that San Diego puts out. With lots of walking trails, healthy fresh goods available from local, organic markets, and a gyms to fit anyone’s tastes San Diego truly encourages a lifestyle of fitness. Check out some of these great fitness trends that are popping up all over the area.

High Intensity Interval Training

This short and intense type of workout, designed for those advanced in their fitness goals, or for athletes has become very popular thanks to the convenience of cramming hours of fat burning into one thirty minute session. High intensity exercises are broke up with short periods of resting or recovery exercises.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is not an entirely new concept, however, San Diego personal trainers are putting a new twist on this old practice with exciting and fun new ways to use just the weight of your own body to help whip you into shape. Although this is a simple form of workout, having a personal trainer available to help you with form and intensity is very important to your safety and to your fitness progress.

Personal Fitness Guides

As the economy of San Diego and the rest of the country is making a comeback, many individuals are finding it possible to focus on their health instead of simple their budget. One of the best way folks in San Diego are taking control of their health and wellbeing is through the use of certified fitness professionals and personal trainers. Personal trainers in San Diego know great ways to help you make your fitness journey fun and exciting. Many nutritionists in San Diego also offer personal training services to help you really conquer all of your fitness goals.

Fitness for Older Adults

The young are not the only ones in San Diego concerned about their fitness. Many programs for older adults are popping up with incorporate strength training, stretching and aerobic activities. To increase the vitality of older adults many of these programs are conducted outdoors to bring added benefits to their work out sessions. When done together as a group, many older adults find the social interaction with others just as important as the physical benefits of their work out.

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is a new trend which focuses on helping individuals, especially those with disabilities or other challenges, to improve their balance and endurance for the purpose of making every day activities more manageable. This is an important type of fitness training as it can often help people to cut down on the amount of medicines they must take and time spent in the hospital or in physical therapy. Many personal trainers in San Diego, CA can help craft a fitness plan to help with the most complex to the most simple fitness goals.