Choosing the Right San Diego Personal Trainer

If you’re already in pretty good shape and want to hire a personal trainer to help you kick you fitness up a notch, hold out for someone who can produce results. Personal trainers are everywhere, but trainers who are actually good at what they do are not so easy to find. When you hire someone without the proper qualifications, you are not only wasting your money, you’re sabotaging your results.

Qualifications and Skills Matter

There are no laws regulating what type of credentials San Diego personal trainers must have. Anyone can walk up to you, fling out a business card and claim to be a trainer. If you hire one of these unskilled “trainers,” you are putting your life at risk. During workout sessions, the trainer may not know enough about the body to recognize when you are in distress. This can lead to your heart rate and blood pressure spiraling out of control. In addition, the strain that workouts conducted by an uncertified trainer can put on your joints and ligaments can damage them beyond repair.

Before you hire a trainer, meet with him to ask about his educational background, certifications and experience. If you are dealing with life-altering health issues such as cancer or heart disease, find someone who specializes in training people with your particular condition.

Attitude and Personality are Paramount

Your trainer is there to motivate, inspire and energize you. If his attitude is negative, it can make for miserable workout sessions and affect the outcome of your results. Dealing with a trainer who makes you feel bad every time you fall short during your workouts is demotivating and will make you doubt your ability to accomplish your fitness goals. A trainer with a positive attitude promotes energy and makes your workouts more productive. When workouts are productive, they yield heartier results.

As far as personality, opt for someone with traits that are compatible with yours. No matter how kick-butt a fitness trainer is, he won’t be effective if his personality clashes with yours. Consider what type of personality traits you need to stay motivated and then seek out a trainer who fits this criteria. Admittedly, it can be hard to gauge whether a trainer’s personality will work for you until you’ve actually trained with him.

There are plenty of personal trainers in San Diego, so don’t feel like you have to settle on the first one that smiles at you. Hiring someone to help you improve your fitness is an investment in your health. You’ll get better results if you select a person who is qualified, supportive and works well with your personality.

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How Nutrition Affects Fitness

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First and foremost, good nutrition and fitness start with consistency. Developing a daily regimen of healthy food and activity will help to establish a baseline for normalcy. By establishing a standard, what is out of the ordinary can be identified.

What we eat and what we do is not just a concern for athletes. Everybody needs to be healthy, and proper nutrition contributes to receiving the most from life.   This means that you should eat in moderation with an aim toward a balance of healthy and indulgent foods.

Water is vital and should be a part of your daily regimen. Any conscious effort you make to improve your diet and activity, such as an increase in green, leafy vegetables (field greens), and crunchy fruits/vegetables (carrots, celery, apples), and using your own energy to get around (stairs, walking, biking), will result in marked improvement. You should probably do this before you even start additional physical activity at a gym or engaging in a particular sport. Your body needs time to become accustomed to building, storing, and expending new levels of energy.

So, if you have established this baseline of physical improvement and you want to go further, what can we do for you now? Plenty! We can help you to step up your game and continue to make a difference by improving your life choices. If you are not a member of a gym or participating in regulated exercise, then consider doing so as a next step. Looking great is secondary to feeling great. Addressing the latter will take care of the former.

The most significant steps are in personalized programs: food and activity geared toward your personal needs. What works one way for a friend may give you the total opposite results because what you bring to the table makes all the difference in what you need to take away from it… literally. Your body will react in its own way to certain foods and exercise, and we can help you determine what you need to do to accomplish your objectives.  At Rawmana Fitness, we specialize in nutrition as a way to achieve optimal health and would be happy to help you develop a personalized nutrition plan.

For example, you may want to increase your stamina, lose weight, add muscle tone to specific areas, and improve your energy levels. There are plenty of local farmers’ markets in the area at your disposal every day of the week and we can provide a list of foods to add and delete from your diet as well as what exercises are most conducive to your goals.

Personalized programs will also provide you with a sense of timing, which is as important as what you eat and how you exercise. What to eat, when to eat it, and when to exercise maintains the system you are working so hard to set in place. Don’t waste your hard earned energy being counter productive and end up defeating the purpose of all of your effort. Let us worry about the plan; you worry about following it.

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Fitness Trends in San Diego

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Many locals are proud of the obvious fitness vibe that San Diego puts out. With lots of walking trails, healthy fresh goods available from local, organic markets, and a gyms to fit anyone’s tastes San Diego truly encourages a lifestyle of fitness. Check out some of these great fitness trends that are popping up all over the area.

High Intensity Interval Training

This short and intense type of workout, designed for those advanced in their fitness goals, or for athletes has become very popular thanks to the convenience of cramming hours of fat burning into one thirty minute session. High intensity exercises are broke up with short periods of resting or recovery exercises.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is not an entirely new concept, however, San Diego personal trainers are putting a new twist on this old practice with exciting and fun new ways to use just the weight of your own body to help whip you into shape. Although this is a simple form of workout, having a personal trainer available to help you with form and intensity is very important to your safety and to your fitness progress.

Personal Fitness Guides

As the economy of San Diego and the rest of the country is making a comeback, many individuals are finding it possible to focus on their health instead of simple their budget. One of the best way folks in San Diego are taking control of their health and wellbeing is through the use of certified fitness professionals and personal trainers. Personal trainers in San Diego know great ways to help you make your fitness journey fun and exciting. Many nutritionists in San Diego also offer personal training services to help you really conquer all of your fitness goals.

Fitness for Older Adults

The young are not the only ones in San Diego concerned about their fitness. Many programs for older adults are popping up with incorporate strength training, stretching and aerobic activities. To increase the vitality of older adults many of these programs are conducted outdoors to bring added benefits to their work out sessions. When done together as a group, many older adults find the social interaction with others just as important as the physical benefits of their work out.

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is a new trend which focuses on helping individuals, especially those with disabilities or other challenges, to improve their balance and endurance for the purpose of making every day activities more manageable. This is an important type of fitness training as it can often help people to cut down on the amount of medicines they must take and time spent in the hospital or in physical therapy. Many personal trainers in San Diego, CA can help craft a fitness plan to help with the most complex to the most simple fitness goals.

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San Diego Extreme Fitness Training

Bored in the gym? Not at Rawmana Fitness!

Bored in the gym? Not at Rawmana Fitness!

When it comes to working out, most personal trainers prefer the-simpler-the-better approach to getting or staying fit. Goal setting is the Holy Grail of a strong workout, and repetitions are the pilgrimage.

But then there are the faithful few who want more from their fitness training. They aren't content with redundant exercises or run-of-the-mill drills. They want to challenge themselves with new equipment and creative techniques. These committed men and women are ready to prove their fitness aptitude with extreme fitness training.

If you are interested in unconventional training techniques, consider using the following tools that can be found virtually anywhere:

1. Sand bags

Toss a heavy bag of sand (or dirt) over your shoulder and do squats. Tie a rope around a sturdy bag of sand and drag it. Complete a series of reps lifting the bag above your head. Virtually any exercise you can do with a barbell can be done with a bag of sand–push press, power cleans–you name it.

Don't have a bag of sand? Make one. Fill a canvas laundry bag with sand or gravel and you are good to go.

2. Big tires

Believe it or not, it is possible to complete an entire workout using nothing more than a huge tire. Jump in and out of it, lift and move it, use it to perform push-ups on an incline or round-the-world planks. You name it. Get creative! 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte credits some of his success to unconventional training, including flipping 650-pound tires.

Don't have the right kind of tire for this activity? Locate a service station that works on trucks or tractors and give them a call. You might be surprised what people are willing to sell or even give away.

3. Heavy rocks

A heavy rock may be the cheapest, easiest tool to find and use in unconventional training, and the possibilities with it are endless. Pick up a rock and perform squats or lunges while holding it. Hold a rock while doing sit-ups, or carry it overhead. Carry it at chest height. Throw it. Run with a heavy rock up and down a hill.

If you need a rock, reach out to a construction or landscaping company and see what they can offer. Often, people are looking to get rid of large rocks and may provide you with exactly what you need.

If you want to add some variety to your daily routine, consider unconventional training tools and methods. Look around. What resources do you have access to that could get you started? Once you start training with unconventional tools, you will see opportunities all around you. Better still, you will never run out of things to do, and you'll never be without an excuse to exercise.

Want to try this unconventional fitness training?  Schedule an appointment with us at our San Diego gym and we'll show you what it's all about!

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What to Consider When Choosing a Gym

Searching for the right gym is a challenging process that no one should take lightly. The choice will determine how motivated you’ll be to get in shape and stay in shape. The gym’s features are critical to empower you to train your entire body the right way. Your gym should also fit your personality. If you aren’t comfortable there, you’ll be spending hard earned money on an environment that makes you uneasy.

Go With Your Gut (Or lack thereof)

The top consideration in picking a gym is your gut feeling. When you are on the floor, taking a tour, or testing out the equipment in a trial period, think about whether you feel at ease. Consider whether you’ll be happy in the environment. Think about whether there is enough space, ample workout machines, if everything is clean and whether you are comfortable with the gym’s overall feel.

Take a look around at the demographics of the gym’s customers and think about whether you’d feel comfortable in the environment. Some would rather be in a same sex gym or a facility where older adults congregate. Some gyms seem to attract people who wear the latest fitness trends, others appeal to people who wear whatever feels comfortable.

You’ll also want to consider the gym’s personal trainers.  As the name implies, they are personal, if they are going to help you do your best work, you need to feel comfortable with them and motivated by them.  Here at Ramana Fitness, we have some of the best personal trainers in San Diego, CA; but even the best trainers don’t match everyone’s style.   If you don’t feel at home with the trainers, the gym or the staff, don’t give them your business.


The second most important consideration is the gym’s accessibility. Is it close enough to where you live and work? You need to remove all potential excuses that will allow you to skip out on exercising at the gym. This means that you shouldn’t join a gym that requires a significant commute. Also, consider the gym’s hours. Some gyms have limited hours while others are open 24 hours a day. Some are even closed on weekends. Consider whether you prefer to work out in the morning or evening and find a gym that will fit your schedule.

Gym Staff

One of the most underrated aspects of every gym is its staff. Observe how they interact with members. They should be courteous and helpful. After all, part of the reason they are there is to answer member questions and offer fitness advice. Don’t be afraid to ask about the certifications of staff members to ensure that they are qualified to offer you legitimate guidance.

If you are looking for a whole body experience,  you will also want to consider if there is a nutritionist on staff.  A big part of fitness is proper eating in combination with a challenging workout regimen.

Equipment And Workout Spaces

The gym should have a diverse array of exercise equipment. If you plan to use workout machines, make sure there’s more than one of each of the popular machines. Nobody wants to wait in line to get a workout.  At Rawmana Fitness, we don’t use traditional gym machines in our workouts.  Instead we focus on Functional Training:  Lifting tires, swinging sledgehammers and shoveling sand are all part of the workout here!  Make sure the gym  you choose matches your style of exercise.

Finally, be sure to schedule a tour of any gym you are considering.  If you are uneasy about anything, either rule the gym out or bring up your concerns with your tour guide. Always bring a list of questions for your tour guide or ask the staff while using a free day pass. Always go with your gut, which will hopefully soon be a 6 pack.


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Nancy's Story

A high school friend of mine passed away from a heart attack two weeks shy of her 30th birthday.  I ate to numb the pain because I am an emotional eater. However, one day I stopped eating and realized I am 30 years old, 250 lbs, morbidly obese, and I do not want to die yet.

I attempted to lose weight on my own and in five months.

I only lost 17 pounds…

I realized I need professional help.

I have never worked out a day in my life yet I took some good advice from a friend and signed up at Rawmana Fitness.

Rawmana Fitness is not your typical gym. Rawmana’s trainers are committed to the overall wellbeing of their students. They have taught me nutrition, proper technique in my daily workouts, and what healthy living entails.

Kirk, Justin, and Siaosi have helped me discover my hidden strengths and even my unknown weaknesses. It truly blows my mind that I was able to run my first half marathon in less than a year of training.

Today I am stronger mentally and physically. I truly believe my life has been completely transformed by this most gratifying experience.

~ Nancy

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Rawmana Rebuild!






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Rawmana Pole Dance

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Truck Pulling!

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Rawmana Mud Run!

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