( image credit ) First and foremost, good nutrition and fitness start with consistency. Developing a daily regimen of healthy food and activity will help to establish a baseline for normalcy. By establishing a standard, what is out of the ordinary can be identified. What we eat and what we do is not just a concern […]

When it comes to working out, most personal trainers prefer the-simpler-the-better approach to getting or staying fit. Goal setting is the Holy Grail of a strong workout, and repetitions are the pilgrimage. But then there are the faithful few who want more from their fitness training. They aren't content with redundant exercises or run-of-the-mill drills. […]

Searching for the right gym is a challenging process that no one should take lightly. The choice will determine how motivated you’ll be to get in shape and stay in shape. The gym’s features are critical to empower you to train your entire body the right way. Your gym should also fit your personality. If […]