6 Week Health & Wellness Challenge 

Rules and Regulations
  • 6pm Weigh in (hydrostatic body fat testing)
  • 7pm Nutritional Coaching:
Stefanie B.
NSCA Certified Trainer
NCSF Sport Nutritionist
Available: (Tools to help you succeed!)
  • RMR Testing (Measures Your Metabolism)
  • VO2 Testing (Measures Your Lung Capacity)
Cardio Classes: Rawmana Outdoor Functional Training (ROFT)
Monday – 6am, 9am, 6pm
Wednesday – 6am, 9am, 6pm
Friday – 6am, 9am, 6pm
Tuesday – 6am, 6pm
Thursday – 6am, 6pm
Saturday – 8am

Commitment/Motivation Fee: $300

HOWEVER if you achieve your 6 week goal it is all FREE (yup, you’d get your money back)

To recap that is:

  1. 6 weeks of training
  2. 6 weeks of accountability
  3. 6 weeks of nutrition
  4. 6 weeks of coaching
  5. AND the chance to win your money back